welcome to the cult

You ever notice that big corporations make really shitty clothes?

They take a look at what’s trending and slap a taco, a cat, and #SQUADGOALS on a shirt that’s falling apart before you even wear it. We got sick of trash like that being forced down our throats and decided to make our own. 

Between the serial killer documentaries and bad jokes, we released clothing with real people in mind -- clothes that reflect who we are and our actual interests.

Turns out, our personalities can be summed up as “goth meets dad jokes”

Since we wanted to create designs that people actually want to wear, part of that is printing on clothes that people actually want to wear. That’s why we make sure to use only high-quality materials: which means super soft and cozy clothing for you.

We're a small business, so we only thrive when we have happy customers. Shopping online can be tough, so that's why we offer free shipping and returns -- we're confident that you're gonna love the quality of our products.

With this commitment to quality and putting people first, we've been able to build a community of weirdos (just like us)

Let's take a quick survey:

  • Do you have a collection of bones and oddities?

  • Does a Saturday date night consist of serial killer documentaries and pizza on the couch?

  • Is Halloween your favorite holiday?

  • Would you have been accused of being a witch in 1600's Salem?

Then you're in the right place! 

Welcome to the cult!